Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Racing Stripe - Which One?

This is a sign blank I recently painted with 4 different colors for the racing stripe.  The large stripe in Panel A thru D are Black, Blue, White and Silver, respectively.  Panels C and D (the top 2 panels) are considered too bright and have already been excluded.

I'd like your opinion on the bottom 2 test panels, panels A and B.  Ignore the blemishes, nubs, runs or whatever.  I'd like you to look at the colors only.  I've provided two close up pictures of each, one with flash (daylight) and one without (evening).  Let me know which stripe you like by voting in the pole in the upper right corner of this blog.

This is the black strip in daylight.

This is the same black strip in the evening.

This is the blue stripe in daylight.

And the same blue stripe in the evening.

So what's your preference?  Do you like the black or the blue stripe?  I'll run the poll for 8 days so be sure to vote.  If you have a different recommendation let me know in the Comments section.  Thanks.


  1. dark egg shell white. White is too bright.

  2. i voted blue. my vote should have more pull since i have dibs! :)

  3. Hi Becky. Your mom says blue too. She also says it is her car. I think you two need to talk. :0)

  4. Thought I had dibs as I have worked at least 6 hours on the car...ha.


  5. You know the rules. You have to be first to yell dibs and Becky yelled dibs first. You can call her but I think it would be a waste of time.

  6. I like Test Panel B, which I think is the blue. Gotta some over and see the progress since I have been gone for about a month.

  7. Hey Wes! Yes, stop on over. I am interested in how your Mustang is doing so be ready to chat.