Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am Sexy and I Know It

It took about 10 hours to remove the rest of the guide coat.  The good thing is it's done and the car looks really good.  The car is just about ready for it's next coat of primer.

But before we apply primer there is a lot of work that needs to be done first.  This includes masking, wiping down the car and building a paint booth to protect the floor and everything in the garage from over spray.  This pre-painting ritual is an all day ordeal.

But now it's done and the car is looking super sweet.  Check out the masking of the hood.  I am getting better.

I didn't do too bad masking the rear window either.

I found out there's a drawback to using the plastic sheeting.  Paint doesn't adhere to the plastic so when you come back to a previously painted area the spray gun disturbs the plastic which sends bits of dried paint airborne.  I think I'll just use masking paper in the future.

Check this out.  The body lines are gorgeous.  You'd never know those wheel wells had been cut out.

What more can I say.

Even the fake louvers look good.

As do the front fender louvers.

I double checked the point on the stinger.  It's straight as an arrow. 

That's just sexy.

Now we let the car sit for a good week or more to let it dry.   After that we will do some light sanding (no guide coat) followed by scuffing with a Scotch Brite pad.  More on that later.  In the mean time I think we will start working on the hood.

We should see color soon, even if it's only a black primer/sealer.

Thanks for watching.


  1. John
    I love visiting this site, you know you have the makings of a very nice how to book here its as good as any Ive read and believe me I have a lot of corvette books. The paint hints and tips are terrific most things I read really gloss over that to a degree with more text than photos, makes your blog a good reference site. I got your message too re my site, I have been tied up with some issues may be clear in about 12months.
    Meanwhile I still am collecting parts for my girls. my last purchase a date correct block for Esme is tied up in a legal dispute between trucking plants in LA have been waiting 5 months now!! Oh and to show I have corvette fever all the way in AUS last engine count is 6 , 3 454's 2 327's and a 350 for balance!! Look forward to the next paint post . Its giving me some guidelines thanks again for this great Blog

  2. Pete! Great to hear from you and thanks for the great comments. The blog was never intended as a "how to" publication, it was just supposed to be a way to share my adventure. If you find it useful then I am thrilled. I trust you will get your motor sorted out soon. Again, great to hear from you. Best regards, John

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW - that is my comment to the latest pics. of the project Vette. The lines on the fiberglass body were never that straight from the factory. This may be the best 63 in existence - wish I could have been part of the project. If you are going to do a stripe I think you should consider the shades of white or maybe even black.

    Note; The wheels with the grey spokes are awesome with the black sidewalls. Those are the same wheels on my 69 Camaro. Jim Q

  4. Jim! Always good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback on our work. It took a lot of hours to get the body where it is and I agree, it is better than your average 63 Corvette. The obsessive compulsive behavior both Ty and I have is the root cause. I want to spray some color on it so I quit putzing with the body. Keep watching as I want you to vote on the racing strip. I should have it posted today!