Sunday, October 3, 2010

327 - Oil Galley Leak - Fixed!

I searched the Internet for Stag sealant but I think it's a produce unique outside the US.  I visited a couple machine shops and both recommended Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant.  This is Teflon tape in liquid form.  The oil galley plug is a pipe plug and the threads are unique for pipe.  They're not coarse or fine thread, they are pipe thread.  Pipe taps are also different from standard taps because they are tapered.  The threads were cleaned with the tap, thread sealant was applied to a new plug, then we waited 24 hours before we tested it.  Success!

After we verified the leak was fixed we started the reassembly process.  The block face was cleaned then the head gasket was positioned and set dry.

The head was also cleaned and prepared for installation.

Because the push rods and rocker arms were not removed from the head, it was decided to apply torque in stages so as not to damage the push rods.  Tool tight was followed by 25, 50, then the full 65 foot pounds of torque.

Before installing the intake plenum, high temperature blue silicone was used around all the water ports.  This is insurance beyond the standard intake gaskets.  In this picture you can see the blue silicone applied in two places on the right head.  The second intake gasket was installed immediately after this picture was taken.

The plenum was set then torqued to 35 foot pounds.

The fuel filter, distributor, coil, plug wires and hangers were all reinstalled.

It took a lot of work to fix this oil leak but we did get to see the internals of our 327.  All-in-all it wasn't that bad. 

Now it's time to focus on the fuel injection unit.

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  1. John
    great info and photos, I am really enjoying your journey, keep it coming

    cheers Ausy Pete