Thursday, October 7, 2010

327 - Fuel Issue - Solved!

After our first attempt to start our 327 failed, I went hunting for the problem.  I removed the fuel meter from the FI assembly then removed the spill plunger.  The loose pieces you see make up the spill plunger.  As you recall, the spill plunger regulates fuel flow by diverting recirculating gas to the fuel injectors.

This is a diagram of the spill plunger.  It's a very simple unit with only two moving parts.  The top two.

This is a picture of our spill plunger sitting adjacent to the pieces on the diagram.  Look close and you'll see that we are missing the critical piece that actually diverts the fuel.  The valve face is the second piece from the top.

Since I can't go to Napa and buy this piece I decided to make one.  The one I am holding was reduced in size a little bit more before it was installed.

Here it is installed in the spill plunger body.

The following is a 2 minute video of the spill plunger bench test.  If you have a slow connection you may want to pass on the download.

It was a streaming success!!

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  1. Great Video, thanks John
    cheers Ausy Pete