Sunday, October 10, 2010

327 - Gentlemen, Start Your Engine - Strike 2

Dennis K., Max H. and Ty came over today to help with the second attempt to start our 327.  We started the day very optimistic but we were soon disappointed.  We believe we still have a fuel problem.

We looked at everything that had anything to do with fuel.  In this short video Max is simulating manifold vacuum to push gas through the injectors, Ty is running the starter and coil wire, I am running a drill motor to turn the high pressure fuel pump, and Dennis is spraying starting fluid and running the throttle.  It was pretty comical and we did laugh about it, but the engine did run for a few seconds.  We all agreed it was lack of fuel. 

We examined the fuel line from the primary fuel pump up to the fuel injection unit and it was dry.  Max and Dennis removed the fuel lines and the primary fuel pump for further inspection.  The pump was bench tested and it worked fine.  Something else was wrong.

The culprit was a bent fuel pump push rod.  You can see the bend when it's put against a straight edge.   The push rod was wedged in the block which means it wasn't functioning.  Fortunately Dennis had a spare one and now the pump works perfect.  We tried a couple more attempts to start the motor  but now we have too much fuel.  We decided to give the battery and the starter a rest and try it again in a few days. 

Ty and I spent the rest of the day installing the drive shaft and shift linkage.  When we were finished we looked for something else to do and there was nothing.  The rolling chassis is done!  We couldn't believe it.

The next post will be an update on the fuel injection unit.  I was able to find a new spill plunger and it should arrive in a few days.  I'll replace the one we repaired last week and take another look at all the vacuum connections and diaphragms.  Ty took several of my fuel injection books home with him so hopefully we can noodle our way to a running motor.  Stay tuned for more.  Thanks for watching.


  1. John
    Its getting to the pointy end now,just a question do you know if you have the correct camshaft in this motor, duntov 270 grind I think
    I was told you need a lot of vacuum at idle 12inch or better or you have serious issues running just some idle gossip I will pass around for what its worth. Good luck
    Ausy Pete

  2. Pete,

    It’s an Elgin Pro-Stock cam ground to Duntov specifications. I don’t think that’s it. I am going to replace the spill plunger and the spider next. My suspicion is that the unit works well when I bench test it but starts to act up after its been sitting for awhile. It might be the valve I made for the plunger and/or it might be the check valve (back flow preventer) in the spider. Anyway, I’ll swap these out for NOS then put fresh gas in it too. Who knows, maybe it’s still a little tipsy from the vodka.

  3. John. Call the guy you bought the engine from? Your very close I think. Why does the yoke off the tranny keep turning when you try to start? Is the tranny in gear? Just curious on that. Jim p.

  4. Jim,

    The tranny is in neutral, it's just spinning because of the friction inside the case. Now that the drive shaft is installed you won't see it spin any more. As far as contacting Allen at Shaw City Engines, I don't think the fuel injection unit is his strong point. Just too many things were installed incorrectly. Standard engine rebuild questions, yes, I might contact him, but not for the FI unit.

    Thanks for helping me noodle through this. Good to hear from you.