Friday, March 1, 2013

Windshield Wiper Motor (Revised)

FYI - This is our 200th posting.
While I wait for dash parts I thought I'd check out the windshield wiper motor.  I bought this motor months ago on eBay.  The motor was sold as a core in unknown condition.  I got it cheap and I intended to have it rebuilt.  A rebuilt 1963 wiper motor without core can go for $500 to $600.

It looks dirty but other than that...

I opened it up out of curiosity and found good looking internal.  The grease was old but everything looked pretty good.  So I grabbed a 12 volt battery and tried to make it run.  Success!  Both speeds! 

Using carburetor cleaner I was able to remove all of the old grease.  Surprisingly, the gears and other mechanism look like new.

The windshield washer pump end cap has a hole in it so it's toasted.   But this part is easy to replace.  I removed the working parts and cleaned them as well.  Everything was re-assembled with waterproof silicone grease.  

I cleaned the outer case and stamped steel parts using crushed walnut shells in my blast box.  I masked the parts then applied a fresh coat of paint.

All I need is a missing rubber boot behind the wiper arm and...

I need the end cap for the washer pump.  Other than that, this thing is done.

With the money saved I think I'll shop for a clock for the dash.  The one I have died a horrible death in Hawaii.  The salt air destroyed it.  Yeah, maybe a clock...


Turns out this wiper motor does not fit a 1963 Corvette. A 63 has 4 mounting positions, not 3 as shown.  So, watch for a future posting as I try to get this sorted out.  Dennis K and I will have a booth at the Portland Swap Meet this year.  You can bet this motor will be on the table.  

By popular demand, the clock that died a horrible death.  This is all that's left:



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  2. Will do, no problem about the spam. Post a picture of your clock so we can see what the Hawaiian air did to it. I am curious about the "horrible death".

  3. Me too, I want to see the horrible death. TJ

  4. Yeah, I was curious to see the horrible death as well. Thanks for posting, as always!