Sunday, December 9, 2012

Spare Tire Tub and Little Things

My work bench is full of little bags of things that need to be installed.  They're nothing major but they do need to be installed.  I installed the door locks which include the lock, the bezel, a rubber seal, the lock fastener and the lock to latch rod.  It's not major stuff but it takes time.

The rear license plate area needed the hardware and a rubber grommet.  Each sold separately by the way.  There are still several bags on the bench but that's for another day. 

Check out the wiper grills.  They're just sitting there waiting for paint but I think they look pretty good.  From the factory these are painted the same color as the car but they are available in chrome.  Tell me what you think.  Chrome or paint?  

I didn't have a good picture of the bumpers and valance in the last post so I am including this one.

The spare tire fits into a two piece tub that fits up under and behind the rear bumpers.  The pieces are unique to 1963 and both require a little TLC.  This is the tub... 

and this is the lid.  As you can see the metal bracing is rusted and there is over spray on the fiberglass.

I sandblasted both pieces.

The fiberglass was not painted at the factory so I masked it off then...

I painted the bracing with 2 coats each of Rust-oleum primer and flat black enamel.  

I temporarily installed the tub just to understand how it fits.  I need several bolts and brackets to complete this installation which means more little bags.  I need a spare tire too!

So, tell me what you think about the wiper grills.  Chrome or paint? That is the question.

Thanks for watching. 


  1. My vote is to paint the wiper grills.


  2. Max likes the chrome. Looking great.

  3. I would suggest painting the grills. With the wiper grills chromed, it tends to take away from the appeal of the chromed vents on the hood itself. By painting them, you'll be able to draw more attention to the hood grills and the racing stripe. Leaving them chrome just seems like it will take away from the overall look of the car and, dare I say it, result in too much chrome overall. The front bumper and grill, the trim on the windshield, and the grills on the hood add enough chrome to contrast with the paint.


  4. Justin does make some good points there after secound thought.MH

  5. vote for painting them, as mentioned above, with stripe, windshield trim, and trays it would be too much. Takes away from the stinger too.

  6. I like the paint option for the wiper grills. Another opinion (spare tire tub); Instead of flat black, which has a gray cast, semi-gloss gives more of a true black without looking glossy.


  7. Thanks to everybody for your reply. Paint it is! That will occur a little later when I get into the interior. Items that still need paint include the wiper grills, steering column, interior rear window moldings, windshield moldings, the dash, etc. Nothing major but another make shift paint booth will be required.

    Jim Q, yes, I agree on the semi gloss vs the flat black. Truth be told I just need to go pick up a couple rattle cans of semi.

    Thanks everybody.