Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bumpers, Spare Tire Tub, Moldings and Strip-Calk

I've been uncomfortable with the body being sandwiched between the bumpers and bumper brackets.   After a little looking I found these rubber "paint protectors" on line.  They're not stock and they were never found on any factory C2 but I like the idea of protecting the paint.  I bought a set.

Installation wasn't as simple as you'd think.  It took a few hours but it's all done, front and rear.

I needed 3 bolts to complete the spare tire tub assembly.  I was shocked to find out the bolts were $160 plus shipping.  As you can see they're much more than bolts but $160.  I don't know...

Installation was pretty simple.

The mechanism is super simple and affective.  The lid will not loosen without a wrench.

It tucks up nice and tight behind the bumpers.

I installed several more bags of stuff.  Too bags here, one for the molding and one for the fasteners.  This is times 2 when you consider the other door.

Same here.  This is the A pillar molding with fasteners.

All of the moldings were sealed with 3M Strip-Calk.  Silicone is just as effective but the Strip-Calk never sets up or hardens and it has properties much like Silly Putty.  It's sticky, molds easy, stretches, flattens, is water proof and snaps apart when pulled suddenly.  It can be rubbed off with a thumb.

Remember the birdcage and fiberglass repair that was made near the dimmer switch?  The transition between the birdcage and the fiberglass needed to be sealed.  I used several strips of the Strip-Calk for this and it worked great.  I really like this stuff. 

So, the exterior of the car is basically done now.  It still needs headlights, a good final buffing, functioning blinkers and taillights, and little odds and ends here and there but, for now, I think we're done.  So what's next? 

Dynamat is next!


  1. John, this is really looking great!
    Ty T.

  2. Thanks Ty, I agree.

    We put a lot of time and effort in this car and it is looking great. As I was staring at the car today it occurred to me that once the Dynamat is installed there won't be any visible signs of what the car looked like when we started this restoration. It has been 3 1/2 years since then but it is still amazing when all things are considered. The interior is the final frontier. My goodness...

    Great hearing from you and thanks for the comment.