Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paint - Primer - Second Coat

Check out that masking!  I am getting better.

This is a cool product.  It's folded plastic rolled on a stick with masking tape running along one edge.  You position the tape then unfold the plastic. 

The car received it's official second coat of primer.  Once again the paint booth worked great.

Everything is looking pretty good if I do say so.

Beautiful body lines.  You'd never know those wheel wells had been cut out.

Everything looks good to my eye.

Ty, I think your dad would be proud of our work.

It's a beautiful thing...

 It looks really good and I am very pleased.

But we're not finished.  We get to do it all again.  Guide coat, glazing, then we sand the whole car again.  Our objective is to finish the next guide coat process with a lot less exposed fiberglass.

Wish us luck!


  1. John, everything looks really good. Rewind for a minute. The top of the doors ( over many years ), seemed to warp upwards. Your fix was to add material to the roof, so that the doors were once again flush. Is it possible that you fixed this issue from a cosmetic basis, but is it possible the top of the doors wont actually fit the door rubber seal because the actual doors themselves are still higher than what they are supposed to be ? Jim

  2. Jim,

    The mismatch you discuss was due to a fabrication error in the Corvette body mold used in the factory. Nothing was warped. When we added material to the roof we made sure the door rubber was installed, drip rails were complete and all the other miscellaneous pieces of door rubber were in place. Only then did we match the height of the roof to the top of the doors which means there should not be any issues. Great question.
    Are you back in China?

  3. A huge "THANK YOU"
    I just want to sat "Thank You" I have a 63 fuelie that I stopped working on when I hurt my back a number of years ago. I was lucky enough to get a car that the only repair needed was a fender and a 2"x 2" metal repair at the window. The rest of it is just restoration.
    After stopping for so long,I got caught up in the huge project way of thinking. You guys have reminded me to just take it one small project at a time and not to get overwhelmed.
    Thanks for reminding me how much fun it is to build one of these cars.
    I wish you guys the best of everything in life,

  4. Monte,

    You are very welcome! We do have a ton of fun with this restoration and it is taking several years. It is a big elephant but we have learned to eat it one bit at a time. I hope you keep watching and keep us informed of your progress. Best of luck. John