Sunday, February 12, 2012

Second Guide Coat

We're finally down to fixing little things.  The car has about a dozen of these blemishes.  I decided to fix them with glazing compound followed by a second guide coat.

They are tiny but they have to be fixed during the primer stage.  Once we apply color no further repairs will be possible.

This is the drivers side front fender.  The color saturation of this photo has been modified so you can better see the difference between these three repairs.  As you know this fender had fire damage several years ago and because of that this fender gets extra attention.  When I saw this fender had blemishes I decided to grind into the fiberglass to make sure we didn't have bigger problems.  The repair in the middle had good fiberglass but the other two had issues.  You can see the difference in texture and color of the shavings.  White is right.

Both bad areas were ground until good fiberglass was exposed.  The bad spots were each about the size and thickness of a silver dollar.  All three areas were masked off then fresh fiberglass and resin was applied.

The fiberglass was ground smooth then a thin coat of Bondo was applied.

The Bondo was sanded smooth then glazing compound was applied.

All three areas were block sanded until smooth to the touch.  They turned out very nice.

As stated earlier, all the other blemishes only needed a little glazing compound.

After the blemishes were fixed the whole car received a second guide coat.

Then the block sanding began (again).  So far everything looks and feels good and there are only a few spots where we sanded through the primer.  The body is really looking nice.

Block sanding is about half done now but it's very tedious and boring work.

So I think we need to do something different.  How about some knuckle crunching, finger smashing, knee scrapping, back breaking work on the rolling chassis?  I think that would be fun.  And I think I'll get some of my good friends to participate.  How about Ty T, Dewayne J, and Dennis K?

Stay tuned!


  1. Are you going to mount the body before you paint it???

  2. Lester! Yes, we have to mount the body so that we can mount the doors so we can shoot the candy apple blue continuously from one end to the other. The candy apple blue is very susseptible to streaking so we have to shoot it while the doors are in place. Another great question. Thanks.