Saturday, January 21, 2012

Guide Coat - First Sanding

Our first guide coat process is almost complete and it took a lot of hours to get here.  Thankfully Ty came over and spent many of those hours with a sanding block in his hand.  While sanding, it's amazing to watch how the guide coat identifies everything that's less than perfect.  Here's an example:

The next four pictures show the progress made on the drivers side roof.  The only difference between these pictures is the amount of block sanding that occurred.  After a few swipes with the sanding block lots of irregularities are identified including a significant run in the primer located near the door opening.

A few minutes later many of the irregularities are gone except for the run and a few pits.

A little more sanding and the run is gone.  A few of the pits remain and we now see some irregularities near the door opening. 

Fiberglass is beginning to show through so we have to stop sanding.  The roof is very smooth with minor irregularities that will be fixed with the next coat of primer.

Looking at other areas of the car we can see that this area needs another heavy coat of primer.  The circled spot identifies an area that needs a little Bondo.

Areas marked with an X also require a little Bondo.

This is a repair that was recently made when we found an air bubble in a rivet hole.

These irregularities occurred when we installed the wheel well inserts.

Except for the X's, this area will only require another coat of primer.

The left rear looks great except for a few little shallow areas.

The primer in this photo is very thin but the surface is very smooth.

This is the left rear window area.  The pattern you see are depressions made by the body mold used back in 1963.  They are so shallow they can't be felt but the guide coat tells us they are there.  Our next coat of primer will fix these "irregularities" as well.

More primer, more guide coat and more sanding is next but we only have to do the areas that need it, not the whole car.  We'll still have to make another paint booth though.

As always, thanks for watching.

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