Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paint - Primer - Fresh for the New Year

While waiting for warmer weather I managed to find another half dozen areas to repair.  None of them were in dire need but I decided to fix them anyway.  This one is the right front blinker housing and it had a few hair line cracks on its face.  The cracks would have been covered by a gasket but I fixed it anyway.

The repair turned out fine.

There is a lot to see in the next few pictures.  Check out the body work that's been done over the last couple months.  How about that paint booth?  Masking the wheel wells and engine compartment took a few hours longer than I thought.  Masking requires a skill that I don't have (yet).  These are hi-def pictures so be sure to click each picture to see the detail.

The entire car was sanded one more time to remove oils and other contaminants.

It was then wiped down with a post sanding solution to insure good adhesion.

House of Kolor 2 part epoxy primer was used..

Two heavy coats equalled about a half gallon of paint.

The garage will be kept at 70 degrees for at least 24 hours.

The plastic has an electrostatic charge and it attracted the over spray like a magnet.  The primer looks great and the make shift paint booth worked perfect.

Gerri took this picture after I was all done and said I had to post it.  XL paint suits are not as roomy as they use to be.

With the new year I thought I'd add a picture to help us remember where we started.  This is our car in Hawaii in 2009 being loaded into a shipping container.  Dennis S., the previous owner, is at the wheel.  Aloha Dennis!

Next up will be Guide Coating 101.  Bet you can't wait!


  1. John..can I come and play this weekend
    Ty T.

  2. Yes, but you NEED to bring an early 1960 Porsche with you. Shall I get us a sticky bun from Cousins to share?