Friday, February 4, 2011

Wheels and Tires - I Need Your Thoughts

OK...  I need your advice.

A set of 15X7 American Torq-Thrust D wheels have been purchased as shown (thanks Les for your input).  Now it's time for tires.  Do we want a full matching set of tires or should we rake the car by running smaller tires up front?  All tires will be wider than stock, we're talking about one size difference in height.  Use the poll on the right to cast your vote.  Use the comment section below to offer thoughts.  Tires will be purchased within the next 10 days.  Thanks.

As long as we're talking wheels and tires, I found a web page that has some outrageous pictures of old 'Gasser" Corvette race cars from the 50's and 60's.  Check them out here:


  1. I like the off set on the wheels, and the classic look. Jim p

  2. do the wheels have any offset

  3. These wheels have a published offset of -.47". That's a half inch in my book.

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  5. Thanks Sandhiya. Glad you enjoy it.


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