Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shop Tour 2009

This is a video. Be sure to push the play button.


  1. John,james is home for XMas and watched your video. Says when he saw you pull the A pillar out and put it back he could see that it fit perfect and the fabrication was spot on (he and his guys fabricate every day so this is a big compliment). He also said your garage stuff is awesome and your the first guy that he has seen with a air compressor that actually "can" run air tools. He liked the sand blaster also. Said the garage heater looks like it has its work cut out for it trying to heat that big garage. Ha! Good job on everything. Jim

  2. Tell James thanks. That little heater is a 220 volt 6000 watt unit that pushes a lot of air. When it was 5 degrees outside it got the 3 car garage up to 65 degrees in less than an hour and that was with the thermostat set about half way. I had to put a 30 amp breaker in the electric panel to run it. It works great. I'll tell you how much I love it after I get the first electric bill. :0)