Monday, May 27, 2013

Interior Trim, Door Sills, Glove Box Door and a Distraction

I spent the last couple weeks with family in Wisconsin.  Max H reminded my wife that I have an obligation to my blog followers and I need to provide an update soon.  Here you go Max!

The interior trim was primered, sanded, then primered again on all sides. 

All sides were painted with Por15, the same paint I used on the speaker grill and dash cluster.  I'll let this dry for several days before I start assembly.

Door sills are usually fastened with sheet metal screws.  I decided to use Rivet-Nuts instead.

The door sills look great and really add to the finish of the interior.

The coil wire now has 90 degree caps.  The distributor and coil are ready for radio shielding.

But first I need properly made mounting brackets.  The reproduction on the left has a mounting plate installed incorrectly.  The one on the right is correct.  Errors like this are not uncommon with reproduction pieces.

Same thing for this bracket.  The one on the top is correct.  The one on the bottom is incorrect.

The radio shielding is very difficult to install.  It's no wonder most of these were removed and never reinstalled.  The remaining shielding I have is incorrect for a 63.  That will be added to my to-do list.

I have 4 used glove box doors.  None are of the same quality as our build.  This is the best one I have but it's for a 64 Corvette and it has a few blemishes.  I am not tickled with it.

Gerri bought me a new Trim-Parts 1963 glove box door for my birthday.  How sweet is that?
It looks much better and I feel much better!

While in Wisconsin I picked this up.  Anybody know what type of bike this is?

It's my new distraction.  Come on guys, you know what this is.

CDN 2013 Update:  I believe I am still on track for Cool Desert Nights.  I need the seats upholstered and the side windows installed.  Al Knoch Interiors still owe me seat parts from over a month ago.  If anything is going to be iffy it will be the seats.  Wish me luck!  


  1. Sting Ray....from the '60's


  2. Ding ding ding. Correct! Can you guess the year?

  3. That's better, didn't think I would make it to the next weekend. :) Don't have a clue what type of bike that is, is it for Gerry?


  4. Lester correctly identified the bike as a Schwinn Stingray. The bike will be painted to match the Corvette and it will be taken to car shows. Good to hear from you Max.

  5. Nice job by Gerri.

  6. Jim Q, I agree. The Trim-Parts glove box door is one of the few reproduction pieces that are equal in quality to the original. The 63 door was all fiberglass, very fragile, and a one year only design. Originals in good condition are non-existant. The reproduction is a better choice in this case.