Saturday, April 13, 2013

Portland Swap Meet and Paint

Dennis K and I spent last weekend selling parts at the Portland Swap Meet.  This is a HUGE swap meet that goes for 2 1/2 days.  We had one 10'x10' spot and it was chocked full of stuff.  We came with 2 truck loads and left with half a load.  We had a great time and got rid of a lot of excess parts.

This was our view but the picture only shows a 1/3 of the building.  There were 3 other buildings like this one.  The outdoor section was 3 times as big as all of the indoor buildings combined.

OK, back to business.  It's time to paint.  This is the Flaming River tilt column and wheel adaptor I purchased last year.  I cleaned and masked the parts to get them ready for paint. 

I also prepped the two windshield wiper grills and the speaker cover.  Here they are already in primer.  I used the same paint I used on the car.

These are aluminum blinker and tilt wheel levers supplied with the steering column.  They're nice but not very 1963-ish.  I decided to modify them. 

This is the original blinker switch from our car.  I want our new switches to look like this.

These are the same switches shown above.  I put them in the lathe and modified them.  I masked then painted the ends to look like plastic.  They're not though, these are still solid aluminum. 

The speaker cover had a little corrosion.  The little green specks are primer that filled in the defects.  This is smooth to the touch but still gets another coat of primer.  I don't want any metal showing when I shoot color. 

Check it out!  The steering column looks spectacular.  The switches look great too. 

It looks great from the passenger side as well.

And how about those wiper grills?  I couldn't have asked for better.  I am very pleased.

But the speaker grill sucks.  Really sucks.  So, I need to find a good dark blue or black color, probably with a semi-gloss or satin finish.  I am not sure which.  Wish me luck.

I'll work on the speaker grill next.  It really needs to be toned way down.

Thanks for watching. 


  1. I must agree on the speaker grill. Maybe satin or semi-gloss black. The end is near.

  2. Jim Q,

    The interesting that the steering wheel looks stunning, but the speaker grill looks hideous. Yet, they are the same color. I had intended on painting all the interior trim the same color. That obviously is not going to happen. I have already found the solution and it is Por15 Chassis Coat Black. I will show you the results in the next post. Glad you are still watching.