Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Hood - Round 2, 3 & 4

I know, I am anxious to get the body painted too but we can't paint with candy color unless the car is fully assembled, otherwise the paint is likely to mismatch between components.  Everything has to be painted at the same time.

 I set the 63 hood on the car and noticed it didn't fit as well as I thought it should.  It was then that I realized it was the 67 hood that we fit to the car last year.  So, without bolting the 63 hood down and spending a lot of time shimming to verify fit, I decided to just go ahead and work on both hoods at the same time.  If one doesn't fit the way we want, the other one will.  Lets hope the 63 will be fine.

The hood didn't need any Bondo but there were several areas that needed a little help.  I decided to squeegee on the Icing filler.  I did small sections at a time since there is only about 3 minutes of working time per batch.

After the entire hood was done (less the cookie sheet areas) I hand sanded everything using several different sanding blocks until the hood was smooth to the touch.  The white spots are filling very shallow nicks and gouges that were made with the grinder and scraper when we removed the paint.

I sprayed the hood with two part epoxy primer then...

I decided to smooth the cookie sheet areas even though they get covered up.  I applied Icing ...

then sprayed a contrasting primer so I could start the guide coat process.

Yes, I am doing both hoods at the same time.

Guide Coat takes a lot of time, especially when it's all done by hand.  If you look in the cookie sheet areas you can see there are still low areas (red spots).

So I  squeegeed the Icing and filled in those areas too.

I primered again for the second time.

Sprayed contrasting primer ...

Then did a second Guide Coat.  You can see there are very few areas where I sanded through the primer.  That means the surface is getting super smooth and super flat.

I primered the hood again for the third time.  All the hood needs now is a quick sanding then it's ready for primer sealer.  But before I do that I'll let this thing dry for a good week.

All this attention to the hoods is excessive and I know it.  A body shop would have been able to do something comparable in a 10th of the time.  Fortunately, I am not a body shop and I don't care if I am being excessive.  Besides, the attention to the hood matches the attention Ty and I gave to the body.  At least I am consistent.

I have 7 quarts of various paint on order and it's all for the "paint job".  But before we do that we have to do the underside of the hood, both headlight buckets and the rear exhaust valance.

Thanks for watching!


  1. To me (and I think others that have watched this build)would be disappointed if you started to decline the ethic, that has been consistent all along. So it takes 10 X more time. Who cares, keep going the same way you have since the start. However.....if the cookie sheets get covered.....then what the ?? Ha ! Its all good John. Keep doin what your doin. Lets see Blue by Desert Nights however (work more hours bubba)??? All the best, Jim P

  2. Jim, Thanks. This is a hobby, it is not a business. So I agree, who cares. I am undecided about the paint job for Cool Desert Nights though. If it is painted it will be fresh paint and only a few days old. I am not sure I want to expose the paint to a 1000 people while it is still soft. I am still undecided. We will see.

  3. I love the extra attention to detail and the fact that you control the urge to rush to the finish. I would vote to save the paint till after Desert Nights. It would be a crying shame to have it messed up at the event. And besides, it would give you another year to impress at the show.
    Jim Q

  4. Jim Q. I like it. As much as I'd like to have the car painted for Cool Desert Nights, I'd much prefer to have a nice paint job when it's all over. besides, last year it was green, this year it will be black, and next year it would be blue. I am good with that. Thanks to you and Jim P. for the calibration.