Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lower A Pillar Repair - Drivers Side

Ty and I were giving the Corvette another once over looking for things that need to be fixed before we shoot the next coat of primer.  If you click on the picture and look inside the magenta circle you should see nothing abnormal.

Ty, however, spotted something suspicious.  With a pick he started poking behind the fiberglass.

Sure enough, he found a rusted area on the lower drivers side A pillar.  Ty had to remove a section of the floorboard to expose the area.

All the rust was removed including more of the floorboard.  This hole goes through the body.  The only reason you can't see the garage floor is because the body dolly is in the way.

Ty cut, ground and welded for a couple hours in this awkward position.

All of the joints were butt welded.  No lap joints here.

The frame repair turned out beautiful... 

... and the underside is just as nice.

Butt welds were used on the vertical section as well.

Then everything was ground flush.  We left a good size drain hole in the center so this doesn't happen again.

JB Weld was used to fill in the nooks and crannies. This area will be painted before the floor repairs are made.  We checked the passenger side to see if we have the same issue over there.  It looks fine.

Next up is a little more welding then we paint the inside of the birdcage.  Yep, the inside.
Thanks for watching.


  1. Great work as always
    All the very best for the festive season to you and the family

  2. Pete! Great to hear from you. I checked your blog and tried to leave a message but I was unsuccessful. You may want to check your settings. I trust you're doing well and I hope you and your girls have a happy new year.