Thursday, June 23, 2011

Passenger Door Alignment

Dennis S., the previous owner, had bagged and tagged 4 shims for the lower passenger door hinge and that is exactly what it needed.  When we moved to the upper hinge we found that it needed adjustment in the other direction.  The only way to do that is to grind away some of the thickness of the hinge and that's what Ty is doing in this picture.  He found my biggest grinder and started to "align" the door.  It turned out very nice.

About a 1/4" in thickness was removed.  Here Ty is using a 6" ruler to locate high spots.

After putting the door on and taking it off several times we ended up with the best fit possible.  All the hinge bolts were tightened and the striker plate was installed.   Now it was time to start working on the body.  The majority of the passenger door fit very well with exception to the area shown below.  In this picture the door is aligned properly, it's the fender that needs work.  The fender was purposely built "fat" when we repaired the A pillar.

After using a  burr grinder to reduce the fender height, the area was masked off then fiberglass was cut so that it would span both the door and the fender.

Resin was applied then worked into the area until everything was saturated.

Several hours later the fiberglass was cut at the door seam then sanded until there was a smooth transition between both pieces.

The same process was used on the side of the fender.

I primered the area but finishing work still needs to occur. 
Compare this picture to the one above.  It's a nice improvement.

Cool Desert Nights is next and this will be the 3rd year our Corvette is entered.  This year we can drive the Corvette so it will be off the trailer during the show.  Should be fun.  Stay tuned for pictures!


  1. How do the top of the doors fit to the roof ? That's supposed to be one of the most difficult jos to fix ? Jimp

  2. Jim, The top of the door fit very nice. I added a picture to the blog so you could see.

  3. Wow. The door tops fit perfect. Will the body ever need to come off again? Jimp

  4. Yes, the body will come off when we are satisfied with the door, hood and headlight alignment. When the body is off we will block sand everything. We will shoot fresh green primer and the black sealer. At that point the body will go back on then we will shoot the blue base coat, candy apple top coat and the clear coat.

  5. Hello from Spain this is mi blog:
    Your car is great!!

  6. Peter,

    That is one cool restoration you are doing. I can't read your blog but your pictures speak volumes. Beautiful car. I hope my other readers check it out.


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