Wednesday, September 22, 2010

327 - Throttle Body, Exhaust Pipes and 1 FI Engine

We examined the throttle body on our 327 and only found a couple issues.  In this photo you can see a gasket that's too small for the butterfly to operate properly.  The butterfly valve hung up on this lip.  A couple swipes with an exacto knife and the butterfly valve works smooth as silk.

Our first Period Correct item arrived yesterday.  We received a new set of stainless steel side exhaust and they look great.  They are still being fit to the chassis in these pictures.  We will have them fully installed by Saturday.

They even came with stainless steel exhaust tips.

The fuel injection unit has been reinstalled and it's ready to be tested.  That's an oil pressure gauge you see above the bell housing.

Oil has been put in the engine and the oil filter.  On Saturday we will manually spin the oil pump for a few minutes then hopefully we will be able to hot wire the coil and light this bad boy up.  Should be fun.  Ty will be here to help extinguish any fires.

The next update will include a short video of our first attempt to start the motor.  Stay tuned!


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  2. Thanks Magi. I appreciate the comment. Keep watching and wish us luck. John