Tuesday, August 31, 2010

327 - Fuel Injection

While we wait to find out the results of the rear axle poll, preparations are being made to start the motor. The battery box, battery cables, screw on oil filter adaptor, and other items are on order and should arrive by weeks end. While we wait for these items I thought it best to do a quick inspection of our 327 and verify/check plug gaps, firing order, fuel injection hoses, connections, fittings, etc. So, lets get started. First issue, I don't know how many times I've walked by this PCV vacuum tube and tried to get it to fit into the grommet. No matter how hard I pushed it just wouldn't go. So check this out, not only was there a freeze plug installed, there was an additional freeze plug under this one. I tried, but I can't figure it out.
I removed both freeze plugs, drilled a hole in one, then reinstalled. The tube and grommet fit snug and it's sturdy.
Next topic. Take note of the hard oil line that goes from the engine block to the distributor. The distributor for a fuel injected engine gets oiled and it operates under 100% of the engines oil pressure. So the question is, how do you time (twist) a fuel injection distributor if it's fastened to the block via an oil line? Nope, it's not just the forked bracket at the bottom of the distributor.
You have to unloosen a flat headed screw that's located just under the distributor cap. In this picture you can see it just above the PVC valve (double click the picture for a better view). This screw also keeps the oiling system from leaking.
Moving on, this chrome vacuum line wasn't connected. Look close and you'll see the hole that it fits into located just above the tube. I was surprised to find this. It was a simple fix that should have been done during assembly.
Since we found a few issues I thought it best to take a look inside the fuel injection plenum. This thing looks immaculate! Check out the size of that throttle body butterfly. It' got to be at least 4" in diameter. Everything looks great here.
In closing, all the fittings, tubing and connections have been checked and tightened as necessary. We still need to pull the distributor to verify proper alignment on the cam shaft and we need to run the oil pump for a couple minutes. We're getting close to firing this thing up. Looks pretty nice if I may say so.
Nephew James, how am I doing? Am I forgetting anything?


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  2. The engine pics. are awesome. In the pic. with the chrome vacuum line not installed in the hole there appears to be a loose screw stuck to the line near the 90 degree bend. Now there's proof that your pictures are being looked at.
    Jim Q.

  3. Jim,

    It's good to know guys like you are out there and interested enough in this build to be looking for other loose screws. I checked the one you mentioned and it was a little loose. Thanks. Stay tuned for more pictures on the fuel injection unit. The new ones will be even more awesome, but not intended for the squeamish. Stay tuned!

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